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Нажимая на кнопку, вы даете согласие на обработку персональных данных и соглашаетесь c политикой конфиденциальности.
Unleash the limitless potential of the human brain and preserve your abilities
What you need to start classes
Internet access
To place an order and send data
With a minimum playback range of 7Hz-40kHz
Upload iris pictures
Photographs of irises can be taken through consultants.
Go to the list of cities of presence.
Download data when you subscribe.
Important information
To maintain a high effect when using a neurostimulator, it is necessary to update the data obtained from the user's iris every three months. This is due to the physiological regeneration of body cells and updating information about the condition as a whole.
Where can you photograph the iris using special equipment?
Cities where our representatives are present in Europe and their contacts
25350 ₸
The recovery mode is used to balance the user's psycho-emotional state, interhemispheric asymmetry - excessive load on one of the hemispheres of the brain.

To update the neurosimulator after 3 months, upload images of the iris.

Recovery + Development
35490 ₸
To improve cognitive and mental abilities, for the deep-rooted and effective development of new skills, we recommend using the "Development" mode.
To update the neurosimulator after 3 months, upload images of the iris.

Development + Arrangement
76049 ₸
Creation of a real piece of music from your eyes by professional musicians.

Create your own unique mantra!
Ideal for meditation, contemplative practices, and yoga.